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#4 2 years 2 months celebration
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 | 11:02 | 0 masquerade




        Sayang this is special fr you. Happy 2 years 2 months Wan Hasbiallah, smoga kita kkal utk slamanya & diprjdohkan brsama. Thank you fr always stick around beside me through thick & thin, good or bad shape. May our love never end, amin insyaAllah. My love fr you will never fade. You give me happiness tht no one can give. . Everything you gave  to me are uncounted. I am happy to prepare this little surprise for you,. This is my surprise 4 you made by me with love! I knw its too simple but i hope you are happy & like it! I do love you so much 🌹❤️

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